Fitness Log Template

Keeping your mind and body fit is crucial since both the stability of these two elements help enhance performance in various aspects of our daily lives. Regular fitness routines help in improving overall health and keep you away from any ailment or disease which would otherwise harm your internal system and in the long term prove to be fatal. It is advised by doctors that a minimum of 30 minutes should be invested for fitness. To keep a chart or log detailing every minor detail of the routine is to be maintained which would assist an individual to evaluate at the end of every month that whether he/she needs to spend more time on the routine, or is there a need to add some other kind of exercise regiments.

Health is wealth. Every one of us wants to stay fit at all times not just to fit in their desired dress but also to avoid all sorts of health issue. Staying or keeping yourself fit is a big question. The simple answer to this is the use of fitness log template. The most important use of this template is that it will assist you in setting a good routine, exercise, and figure. You can also keep a check and balance on your progress. In the case of any change, you will easily identify that there is a problem going on.

Our Health and Fitness Log is really important and a smart way to keep yourself healthy. We have given a high level of freedom to customize the log in accordance with your need. You can change the name to diet log, performance log, health log etc. But the aim and purpose would remain same. You can add any column or row if you need so. All the record will be maintained on your diet; what you will eat over a period of time and how many hours you will do your exercise. Furthermore, you can also write your current and future objective and notice on over a period of time that either you are on the track or not. If not then you will have to take adequate measures. Staying healthy gives you a number of benefits in your life and this is one simple way to get those.


fitness log templateIt is suggested that fitness logs be made on Microsoft excel software due to the already available rows and columns, one needs to just type in the data. It makes the log look even more organized if they have subdivided into various parts the fitness routine targets, such as the upper and lower body.

Starting from the name of the individual along with details such as height, weight and the total time spent achieving the exercise routine. Next, the log should be divided into two parts as mentioned above: The upper body and lower body. These two sub logs can consist of various columns that detail the sets and the time consumed in completing them. For example squats: 3 sets: 20 minutes.

Tip: Make sure that you note down the time and sets in rough after doing them since after completion of the fitness regimen you face no difficulty in recalling and noting.

Download: Fitness Log Template

Problem or Issue Log Template

The log is a kind of list with all the details and particulars that would organize your data at the time of your need. There are various occasions when you are stuck up and have no idea where to go and solve the issue. Issue log is one good solution for all this. An Issue Log maintains a written record of all the problems faced at all the different times, the effects they had, the possible solution you have, and why they were caused. It helps you analyze your problems deeply and sensibly and ultimately will help you make the right decision and implement it accordingly.

Issue log templateOur Issue Log Template will also help you take all possible measures of safety for upcoming times with respect to what has happened in the past, as that will all be recorded. This document comes in as a significant factor to cope up with problem situations in the future, it is bound to provide assistance and an easy way out of the problem; it will eliminate the effects of problematic situations and help you avoid them.

Our specially designed template is easy to customize and highly user-friendly, you can change the column headings and fit your needs accordingly. It is not limited to office use only, you can even pass this on to your employees to log all your company problems so you have a systematic way and order to deal with them. School administration and staff can also make utmost use of this genius hack to getting your problems fixed.

Download: Issue Log Template

Contact Log Template

A Contact Log is vital to keep yourself in touch with all your important clients when working in a business organization or any other firm. It is not only important for business purposes but will also come in handy even in your household purpose. In the case that you have a lot of family and friends with whom you talk often and have a good communication with, you can maintain a Contact Log to help you log their phone numbers, address, emails, and other important information. You can keep your Contact Log near your land-line as most people like to talk in detail or invite via land-line phones in their house or office.

contact log templateOur Personal or Official Contact Log Template is available for you in case you feel difficulty in managing your contacts, whether it is for your home or your office. If you are currently maintaining all your important contacts in a spreadsheet file, even then you will need a Contact Log Template to help you arrange everything in the order you wish. Our template is highly customized for your ease, you can edit the column headings as you want and make other changes that suit your need and that eventually will give you a highly systematic way to store all contacts and their respective information in a user-friendly way. You can even make your Contacts Log to hold groups of people, it is up to you how you classify them in different groups; friends, family, clients, and etc.

Download: Contact Log Template

Blood Sugar Log Template

Diabetes is a known disease and it has affected many and with the time it is getting more complicated. The disease is getting more enhanced because at some level it is triggered by the stress. There are some people who get this disease genetically and they live they’re all focused on it. To prevent the problems that are created by the shooting rise in the blood sugar level that is basically another name for diabetes it is better to keep a hawk eye on it. And also you will be able to keep a record that when are the times when the level rises.

Blood sugar log template- a record keeper

blood glucose log templateConsidering all the information that needs to be kept known a blood sugar log template is designed. With the help of this, you can not only get the complete know-how of the change in your blood sugar rise and fall but also a plotting of graph would give you a one glimpse knowing about your rate of change right away.

Managing of your blood sugar will become easy and you will be able to keep a counter check that if the blood sugar is rising or is it under your control. With all the wonderful aspects that can keep you healthy even though you are facing a problem of blood sugar. The blood sugar log template has brought a positive change in the lives of many people and can be a charmer for you too, so it’s advisable to get your own log and start setting up your life.

Download: Blood Glucose Log Template

Guest or Visitors Log Template

Visitor Log is an important tool to keep track of people visiting your business place, especially if you have a lot of visitors to cater each day. In either of the case, a Visitor Log is sure to help you take a record of each person that visits; record of the date, time, and the `appointment is generally made.

If you are logging the visitors of your invitation, our Guests or Visitors Log Template will help you keep a track of the visitors your invitation is getting and how much. If you are in charge of running a business, you will have a lot of people visiting your office on and off for various reasons and you will wish to attend all of them or get back to them in case you were unable to meet with them.

Visitors log templateA Visitor Log will come in handy in this regard as well. Sometimes, it is not possible for you to see some of your visitors due to some other work, make a Visitor Log and keep track of you have met and to whom you need to get back and meet. Our template is highly customizable and will allow you to edit the columns with respect to what you need to log. As always, we have made this template easy to use and maintain without hassle.

Download: Visitors Log Template