An academic offence involves cheating on one’s examinations or producing plagiarized assignments. Such cases are more serious at a higher level, such as at colleges and universities. The case of a student who copies someone’s work is taken up to the Academic Conduct Panel of the educational institute. The entire case is represented through an academic offense form. This form helps in summarizing all the important details. A copy of the plagiarized assignment may also be attached with the form.

It begins with the basic information about the student. It includes his or her name, roll number, course registration date and other important details. The next section of the form is used to fill in information about the type of offence committed by the student. It pinpoints whether the offence has been plagiarism, cheating, fabrication or another matter of concern. Check boxes are available to select the right option. A section is also available to provide brief written details or comments. Names of the concerned teacher and Head of Department are also mentioned in the form.

There is another section to provide details about any previously committed offence. After providing these brief details, the entire case can be outlined through a written description at the end. This form is then signed by all the concerned individuals. An academic offense form is very important for maintaining a record of students caught committing unfair academic practices. Colleges and universities can create their own customized forms. Alternatively, a pre-made form can easily be downloaded from our website.

Academic Offence Form

Academic Offence Registration Form Template

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