Activities and Scheduling

Managing one’s work and also assigning duties to your employees and keeping the complete record of it needs you to log the complete activity detail. In this consideration keeping an activity log is of great value as it will help you jot down all the information instantly. The activity log template is of great use for the business ventures especially.

Uses of activity log template

activity log templateThere are many ways you could use the activity log template and some of the ideas for its multi-purpose use are:

  • Use it as a time table manager, this way you can put down all the work timings and bring your daily life in harmony.
  • Another use is for the businesses as they can use it to put down all the work log for their employees and assign them their duties beforehand so that they manage to do all the work in time.
  • Well activity logging so as to keep an eye out on the employer work ethic is of great value, this is where the template can be used without any other thought.
  • For the people who are really messy can get their all work arranged in order with the help of this template.
  • The activity planner is useful especially in the managerial purposes. So it means that people who are considering having a business all lined up in order; for them this log template will be of great help. If you wish to bring in ease to your work then the best thing is that you use this activity tracker template.

The template is prepared using Microsoft Excel. It has all options to be customized. Following is a preview and free download option given for sample activity schedule template.

Activity Log Template
MS Excel format | File size 33 KB