Students often face difficulties in meeting deadlines for assignment submissions. In such circumstances, an extension can be requested. An application form for extension to submission is required to be filled out for this purpose. This form provides all the required details and information comprehensively.

It begins with the basic details about the student. The actual submission dates and requested extension are also mentioned. There is a separate section which provides the reasons for the extension request. The excuse has to be valid in order for the request to be approved. In general, the accepted excuses may include illness, technical issues for a project, logistic difficulties or exceptional professional commitments.

The form may provide a list of reasons. The right one can be selected through check boxes. Space may also be provided for additional details. The other sections of the form are required to be filled out by the concerned faculty members. In case of disapproval of the request, reasons must be provided briefly. The concerned individuals then provide their signatures. This is mostly the head of the department and the principal of the institute.

This form consists of various sections which are well-organized. There are tables, check boxes, comment sections and so on. Formatting such forms can take a long while as well as lots of effort. Templates can be used to make this formatting job easy. Alternatively, a ready-made application form for extension to submission is also available. It is only required to be downloaded and printed to be used when needed.

Application Form for extension to submission

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