The synonym for the word ‘approval’ is ‘acceptance’ which easily can be understood as you can apprehend approval letters as a verdict of acceptance of something. Now this something could be different. It can be anything that requires permission to be done including an official stuff. In order to publish the research work in some journal, an approval letter is a requisite. Trying to make a project for science in high school will also need permission from the principal for which the principal will write an approval to make it official and valid.

Approval can be given verbal too but the only reason to make it written is the reference of authenticity. If you are an employer at a big firm and you need a computer screen to buy for your office from the firm’s finances and you ask your boss for it. The permission he gives you will be called approval letter. A verbal ‘YES’ will do the favor but not meet the requirements of an official record. So to keep the record in order letters are written.

Other than the ordinary roles like a father, brother, friend, charity group member a person could have, most of our roles demand responsibility and with responsibility it comes records. In the middle of renovating your home when you realize you are short of finances, you apply for some credit and when you are given the permission to receive the credit the bank will give you approval letter to hold you responsible for the amount and keep the record for its security and your reliability. If you are taking a vacation from your job, asking for a promotion or simply a sick leave needs approval. These approvals cannot be informal given the sensitivity of the pros and cons.

A standard approval letter is not difficult to apprehend for its readers. The warmth shown in the letter serves as the language. Nice words are written. In the first paragraph, the good news of approval is given with enthusiasm. After this, the need felt for this generosity is mentioned in about one line or two. The overall impression of constructive approach is given in approval letters. Below are some samples that your can find for this category.

 Approval Letter for Extended Leave Request

Approval letter for extended leave request


Approval Letter for Vacation or Leave or Absence

Approval Letter for Vacation or Leave of Absence


Approval Letter for New Hiring Strategy

Approval letter for new hiring strategy


Approval Letter for Office Equipment Expense

Approval letter for office equipment expense


Approval Letter for Renovation of a Building

Approval letter for renovation of a building