There are various types of charts and documents that are used by doctors and medical practitioners to maintain a record of the patient. Every hospital uses such standardized documents for making the treatment and diagnostic process much more effective as well as systematic. One such document is the blood sugar tracker template. This document is used for patients of diabetes or threat of being diabetic. The doctor themselves use it or asks the patients to maintain it. They enter the blood sugar measurement and reading on the chart. These readings are taken at regular intervals and at specific periods of time in the day, some fasting, some after meals and so on.


The blood sugar tracker template is used as a monitoring tool for studying the patterns of the readings of blood sugar. If they are consistently high then there is some problem, if they are normal then diabetes may be ruled out or if they are fluctuating then there could be some other cause. This is all for the doctor to assess.

blood sugar trackerThe template is also very valuable for the doctor to prescribe the right and most suitable dosage of medicine for the problem. Studying the patterns the doctor may reduce or increase the medicines that are needed to keep the blood sugar levels at a controlled level. Otherwise they may lead to over dosage or under dosage both of which can be highly dangerous for the patient. So this is a very valuable and important document.

DOWNLOAD: Blood Sugar Tracker

We have here a sample Blood Sugar Tracker template that will help you in recording your blood sugar level periodically or as per your desire.


When there is a talk about fitness, laziness overcomes and even if you try to get fit after some days you lose your tempo. Well, in such condition only one thing is helpful and that is the acquiring of some help to keep your pace up such that to remove the extra pounds from your body. Fitness is not only losing weight but also keeping track of your eating patterns, doing exercise properly and taking care of what you eat. Well, fitness is very necessary so that you may really keep your body and mind in sync. The only way to do is with the help of little help, our help to make you fit and healthy.

fitness planner templateFood is something we all love but then again it is necessary that you get it in proper ways. The exercising is also very important for body to regulate the natural processes that keep it going. Many people ignore the importance of exercise but once it becomes a medicine to your problems related to fitness then it is the time when you realize its importance. Thus proven that it is very important for the person to take care of the fitness and to help you we have formulated a very easy way.




All you have to do is get the fitness planner template designed by us to give you the perfect health and use it as motivation. Just fill it with the proper information and see that getting fit will become a game for you to win at in no time.

How to use this template

This sample fitness planner template is designed using MS Excel. The template is an excellent tool for the fitness conscious individuals. For the best use of this template one needs to know about MS Excel. Even a little know-how about layout is okay. The template consists of two sheets.

  • Fitness plan
  • Week View

Sheet#1 Data Manipulation

To start with sheet-1 about fitness plan you are required to input some information about yourself. The information is related to your age, gender, height, weight and few measurements of your chest, waist and body fat. You can mention your flexible start date to work on your fitness along with targeted body fat and BMI numbers. Next you can chose number of exercises to achieve your target. By default few exercises are mentioned such as WARM UP, STRENGTH, CARDIO and COOL-DOWN. For each exercise you can further add details such as REPS, amount of WEIGHT, set number of WEEKS for this, FREQUENCY and start date. Keep track of all of your exercises for each day up to targeted number of weeks. You can add any NOTES in case you want as enough space is provided for this also.

Sheet#2 Week View

Sheet-2 is a comprehensive analysis of all exercises done in a week. You can track easily if something is missing or not being done for each individual day. All exercise’s record is maintained on a single sheet. Further you can add numbers about your WEIGHT variation, WAIST and CHEST sizes, FAT and BMI etc. You can easily compare the difference from previous. So, keep on moving onward for next weeks until you achieve your targets of fitness.

DOWNLOAD: Fitness Planner Template