A referral form for child mental health services is required for the transfer of care for the child from one doctor to another. The referral may be made by a doctor. On the other hand, it may also be requested by the child’s parents or legal guardians. The referral form provides all the relevant details. This useful information is very important for the referred doctor. He or she also goes through the child’s mental case history files for more in-depth information. However, the referral form is useful for providing all the necessary details briefly. Therefore, it is easy to get the basic idea about the child’s mental health at a single glance.

This form consists of various sections. This helps in presenting all the information in a well-organized manner. Each section is devoted to a different kind of detail about the patient. The first section is about the basic information about the client. The next sections provide details about parents or legal guardians, referral source and the child’s mental health. All of the information is organized into tables with proper rows and columns. There is also a section to provide details about the reasons for referral. Similarly, additional comments may also be added. Overall, this form consists of a layout which is too time-consuming to design.

The job can take lots of effort if it is done without a referral form template. On the other hand, you can save all your time and effort by directly downloading a ready-made child mental health services referral form.


Child mental health services referral form

Child Mental Health Services Referral Form Template

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