Child problem identification interviews are conducted in order to assess the mental and physical condition of children. This assessment leads to the identification of possible psychological issues. Such interviews are generally conducted if a child exhibits unusual or complex behavior. Therefore, the interview helps in finding out the causes behind such behavior. It is conducted by a specialist, such as a psychologist. The questions are prepared beforehand. Responses to these questions are noted down or recorded for later evaluation. In order to make this process easier, an interview evaluation form can be used.

The form contains relevant questions. The responses can be noted down right on the form. For quicker and easier evaluation, there can be check boxes to rate the responses. A scale can be provided in order to record the ranking against each question. The form may also contain a separate section where the interviewer can record his or her observation of the child’s overall behavior. The noted down observation, ratings and other comments can then be used to reach a conclusion. This conclusion is also provided on the child problem identification interview evaluation form. It is then signed by the concerned individuals.

The signed form serves as a proof of the child’s identified psychological issues. It is an important document for educational institutes where the child studies with other children. It may also be useful during the child’s further psychological testing. Parents or guardians can use the form during the child’s treatment or therapy. This form can easily be prepared through a template or downloaded directly.


Child problem identification interview evaluation form

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