A child’s behavioral issues can be assessed in various ways. One of the ways is to evaluate the underlying psychological problems. An interview can be conducted for this purpose. It can help in observing and recording the child’s responses to various assessment questions. An interview worksheet can prove to be very useful for such assessments. It consists of different sections for different types of questions. The interviewer can record his or her observation and add comments in the provided space. Such worksheets are generally created by specialists. A psychologist knows which questions can be helpful for the identification of a child’s behavioral issues.

A ready-made worksheet can be downloaded and used whenever required. It can be customized to add or remove any section. In addition, the concerned institute’s name and logo can be added at the top. This can be followed by the interviewer’s name and position in the institute. Any instructions for the interview can be included. The instructions can vary with each question in the worksheet. Examples may also be provided to help the interview provide relevant details.

Customizing a downloaded interview worksheet is easy and quick. It is also free of general mistakes. In addition, the questions are prepared by expert psychologists. Therefore, the worksheet can serve as a formal analysis of a child’s psychological problems. It can then be used for further evaluations by specialists. The document can be very useful for the treatment or therapy of such children. It should be maintained as a record by the child’s parents.


Child problem identification worksheet

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