Columbus Day is an important day celebrated annually on the second Monday of the October in the remembrance of Christopher Columbus on 12th October, 1492. It is a controversial holiday, because when the European was settled in America, they ruin the history and the culture of the indigenous people. The people of the USA are invited to celebrate the anniversary of the Columbus in the church and they perform different other activities also. It is celebrated in the western world under different names, such as in Canada, it is a Thanksgiving Day, and in South America, it is known as Dia de la Raza. The Italian Americans prefer to celebrate their Italian heritage.

Benefits of Columbus Day Invitation Card Template:

It is the only public holiday in the United States, and it always falls on a Monday. For many Americans, it is a great chance to enjoy three Columbus Day’s weekend together. You can celebrate this day with your friends and family members, and for this purpose, you have to design a Columbus Day celebration invitation Card. The template is designed for your help, because it is an easy to modify template. You can write different contents according to your needs, such as the title of your event, date of event, venue, dress code and other important details. It is an attractive and ready to use template. No special skills are required to modify it, because you can modify everything. It is absolutely free, so download it and start your work.

Columbus day invitation template

Columbus Day Invitations
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