Personal and Professional Contact Lists

Anyone who is running a small business entity or office or even has only few employees or staff members can easily remember the names and at many instances even the contact information of all those people. But when we talk of large business entities and corporation there may be hundreds and in some cases even thousands of employees working in a company. There are different locations of offices and a large number of functions and departments. Although you might not require to remember all those names by heart but you sure should maintain a record of all these staff members and employees, so that it can used whenever needy.

The Contact List Template is used for this very reason. The purpose of a template is to formulate a list of all the employees working in an organization. This may include their names, addresses, contact information and any other data or information that might be required by the company in future. In many cases the companies maintain a full bio data of the employees including their work experience and qualifications.

The staff contact list template is only a portion of this employee database. The information provided in the list can be very useful for the top management especially the supervisor who can contact these employees when they are absent or not present in the office. The contact list format is a very useful and effective official document that can make things very easy for the management of a company.

Contact list template

Meeting Agenda Template
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