An educational institute’s curriculum is planned before the beginning of each academic year. The old curriculum plan can be carried on for years. On the other hand, changes are also made often. Such modifications may include the introduction of a new course. Alternatively, an old course may also be removed. These changes can only be made by the concerned faculty members. The approval is then made by the head of the department and the principal of the institute. In order to present the curriculum changes for approval, a course proposal form is used. It represents all the important proposals in an organized way. The form may be more than one page long. The overall size of the curriculum proposal depends upon the requirements.

There are various sections for the purpose of organizing the content properly. The form consists of tables which are filled accordingly by the concerned faculty members. In this way, the entire curriculum plan is presented comprehensively. Preparing the form’s format can be time consuming. It also takes a lot of effort. An easy way is to create this form through a curriculum proposal form template.

On the other hand, the form can also be downloaded directly from this website. It can be customized easily. In fact, this is the easiest way of creating personalized course proposal forms for your educational institute. After customization, it can be printed and used whenever needed. It is a formal document which goes to the higher authorities for approval. The approved proposals are then maintained as a record.


Curriculum proposal form

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