Training Logs

Ever wondered how wrestlers, athletes and other famous bodybuilders keeps themselves fit and maintain their body just perfectly? Well, they tend to keep track of each and every exercise they do in daily life routine. You must know when was the last time when you actually did dumb bells, lunges, and squats. How many times too that you must have forgotten by now making sure how much pounds have succeeded to shed. Daily strength training keeps on going but you need to know what kind of exercises in the gym are not really working out for you!

Set your goals through daily strength training log:

You can keep note by writing down in your training log of how much you have accomplished so far. Take the daily strength training log to gym and try recording your workout duration, rest periods, number of sets you managed to do, type of exercises or workout, date along with the number of repetitions as well as the amount of weight lifted sectioned in the log originally so register your everyday strength training exercises for a week, month or so to set your goals and fulfill them with ease. You can further add exercise location, comments on how did it go and how much time it took from starting to end.

Daily strength training log helps you keep note if you are intensely aimed at improving your strength or socializing in between too so give your weight reducing plans a beginning!

daily strength training log template

Strength Training Logs
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