A polite rejection of a request that was made in the written form is often known as a denial letter. When you request for something whether it is the admission you are trying to get in some institute or your social security, it is not necessary for the concerned department to accept your request. Sometimes owing to some reasons the request is being denied and to inform the applicant of it, a letter of denial is sent. In this denial letters, the sad news is given in a very humble and polite way. Harsh tone can make one get hurt or take revenge in some inappropriate or illegal way too. Plus it is the applicant’s basic right to be dealt nicely.

The reasons of getting denied are not always mentioned in the letter. In some cases, they remain anonymous on purpose. Like on getting rejected a visa form embassy, the letter will not state the reason for rejection rather only the declaration is made. On the other hand, sometimes the reason is mentioned to make the applicant aware of the fallacies he has made and to be cautious next time. For instance, applying social security one may miss a document or anything that is important for the department. In this very case, the letter could state the missing paper or the reason for the rejection. Getting denial letter from some university you applied in does not necessarily include the reason or sometimes it can.

The structure of denial letter is simple. After giving the news of rejection the reason of rejection in low pitch is stated. Sometimes the suggestion of the resubmission of the application is given too. It may seem like a formality to do so, but practically resubmission of the request can make it happen. Losing the heart and not giving it another try should be no option. Instead, one rewriting a better one should be the priority. One should not make a request so vulnerable that it can be easily denied. Your case should be strong enough for the next person to find a hard time rejecting it.


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Denial Letter


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