Diet, Exercise and Fitness

Diet and Exercise are the two essential key processes for the maintenance of a healthy mind and body. While dieting means to narrow your diet to only foods that are nutritionally benefiting for you, exercise consists of working out so that these foods can be burned keeping you fit and toned. Dieting and exercise both help you lose weight and gain a fit body. For both dieting and exercise to work out it is necessary that you keep a check of your diet intake and the progress you make through exercise routines.

Keeping a detailed track of your diet and exercise is a necessary factor in helping you achieve your weight loss goal. Now you can set a weight loss goal with the diet and exercise journal template and achieve them too. Maintain a detailed record of your food consumption, including calories, carbs, fiber and sugars with the worksheet available in this exercise journal template. While keeping detailed track of your food consumption, also use the exercise worksheet to record the duration of your workouts and the calories burned during these workouts. Your progress will be updated on charts showing you how close you are to your weight loss goal. Now you can chart your progress and maintain a detailed log of all your workouts and diets over time, for future use as well, with this Diet and Exercise Journal Template.

diet and exercise journal

Diet and Exercise Journal
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