A directive letter includes commands, directions, and instructions of some task that have to be done. This is mostly done in the business line of work. Directive letters have to be easy in their structure and language for the reader to easily apprehend the task. For the tough language cannot only make it difficult to understand rather make the task a mess too. While a letter with simple language and material will make a good impact on the reader and the task will be done nicely.

After addressing the formal greetings, the writer should adhere to the relevant point. The task that has to be done should be highlighted in the start. Following should be the instruction that will help the person to complete the task. There could be more than one way to accomplish a task, so the instruction makes the right way transparent. The deadline in which the task is to be accomplished should be mentioned right after. An important thing about the deadline is that the time given should match the gravity of the task. A comprehensive, difficult and detailed task will need a long time yet a small and easy task will require short time. The sensitivity of the task should also be mentioned for the person to be aware of. All the benefits that will be followed by the completion of the task should be mentioned as stimuli and encouragement for the person. As a task done for temptation i.e a bonus will be done responsibly than a task that is taken as an additional burden.

Directive letters are mostly from employer to employees. These letters could be for assigning a new project of report writing to an employee or to make a new schedule. It may include

  • news of raised salary
  • bonus for an additional work

Other than business, a supervisor writing his student to submit an assignment within specific parameters of time is also a directive letter. Directive letters do not engage the business sector only, it involves education, health departments too as every department need some stuff to be done and for that letters of directions are needed.

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