Caring for your dog or puppy is like caring for your child. You need to be careful and responsible about your dogs health as it is not just important for his life and health but also yours and your family members. Your new puppy would definitely need his vaccinations for the first year for better health and safety. There are a lot of different multi vitamins and vaccinations available in the market but only your vet can advise you what is good for your dog.

A dog vaccination chart will inform you about the required vaccinations needed to be given to your dog at the specific age and time. When you take your puppy or dog to the vet for the first time he would give you a vaccination chart with your dogs and your name on it along it has your contact information. The dog vaccination chart is a complete chart with the names of the vaccination, the purpose of the vaccination and the time the vaccination is to be given. It is like a complete schedule for the first few years of your puppy and as your puppy grows older the vaccinations get fewer.

dog vaccination chartFor special vaccinations any seasonal viruses can be added to the chart accordingly. If you have more than one dog, each dog would have a separate chart according to his/her age. A pet is like a family member and a healthy family pet is important for the health and happiness of the whole family.

Download: Dog Vaccination Chart