The term donation refers to giving money or eatables or daily life commodities for a charitable cause. Whenever you donate any of the above to any organization, you are presented with a receipt. This receipt gives detail information about what you donated and to whom you donated. For the person donating the money or things, the significance of the receipt is record keeping and budgeting. Also in some countries, the amount pf tax deduction reduces if you had done charity. So for that to you need to show the donation receipt.

For the organization collecting donations, the donation receipt is of utmost importance as it is a record using which they can evaluate if they have achieved their target of collection and if not how much more they need.  After that, they can plan for the distribution of the collected funds or commodities.

The information is shown on the receipt is :

  1. The name of the organization
  2. The logo of the organization
  3. The purpose of the donation
  4. The address and contact information of the organization
  5. The date the donation was made
  6. The amount of money that was donated
  7. Other items if any that were donated
  8. The name and address of the person donating
  9. The stamp and signature of the person who received the donation

The receipt also contains a message of gratification from the organization for the donation. There are a number of formats available for the template of donation receipt. You can choose the one that suits your organization the most.


Donation Receipt Sample EXCEL Template


MS EXCEL Format; Size: 44 KB