Other than personal affairs in life, most of the matters that we deal with in our daily life are of a serious kind. Depending on the very nature, some of these affairs are jurisprudential and lawful and some others illegal. An illegal action or reaction is not appreciated in any society be it a third world country. The law enforcement agencies are permitted to forfeit elements that are responsible for illegal acts. The very first step, in this case, is to send a legal notice to reiterate the people involved to step back and sort things out according to the law.

Eviction letter is one of the forms of legal notices to send to the concerned person. Basically, eviction means to dispossess someone legally. Now the only reason someone would want one to be dispossessed of is the illicit encroach of something that is not on one’s legal rights and people take an illegal action only when it’s not rightful to them or cannot be gained legally. When your landlord tells you to pay the rents on right time but you make it a routine to keep on delaying it, your landlord is obviously not going to like your attitude. In most of the cases after only a few chances and reminders, the tenants are sent an eviction letter formally and legally asked to leave the place. Mostly this case is with the tenants of an apartment or a property lease.

The letter is not sent right after the first verbal request from the landlord to evacuate rather it is sent when the tenants do not take any notice of verbal orders. Usually, when the occupancy keeps on ignoring the orders, the landlord is compelled to use the legislation as he is left with no other choice. If in some rare case the occupancy is received with an eviction letter after just one evacuates request, it is taken highly rude.

The eviction letter is quite different from any other letter as it speaks the language of law and the language of the law is not polite rather straight forward and strict in nature. In the first lines, the addresses are asked to pay the rent/lease that is due to them. A short period of time is given to pay the amount. In the second paragraph, it is often mentioned that after the required payment one can stay as long as one is abiding by the law.

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Eviction Letter


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