Students can request teachers to provide their feedback regarding exam performance. At institutes for higher education, this request is made through a formal process. There is a form for request for examination consultation. It needs to be filled out by the student who wishes to receive examination consultation for future improvement. It is a small form which in general is only one or two pages long. The form begins with the logo and name of the educational institute. This is usually center aligned and bold. Followed by this are different sections of the form.

The first section asks for the general details including the name of the student, his or her registration number and contact details. In addition, the department and the concerned faculty member’s name are also mentioned. The next section asks for details about the student’s semester, academic year and dates for examination and result declaration. Finally, the course code and title are provided for which consultation is being requested. Space is provided for more than one course. In the end, there is space for important signatures. This is the basic format for a request for examination consultation form.

The design looks easy and simple. However, it requires proper formatting for all the different sections. This designing process can be made simpler by using the form sample available on this website. It can be easily customized to make personalized modifications. The sample is in the form of a MS Word document. Therefore, it is very easy to make the required changes.


Examination result consultation request form

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