Weekly Schedules

Living together is fun as well as put a huge responsibility on every one’s shoulder. Staying together as a family is a big blessing as everyone can share one’s loving moments with each other. From small to large number of family members it is compulsory to realize one’s responsibilities. A family may comprise of individuals belong to different working fields. It may contain to have working parents, college or university going adults or even school going kids. Some families even love to keep pets with them. So, everyone at home is expected to have different time schedule inside home and away. To fulfill your responsibilities and chores you have to manage some time. Keeping this entire scenario in mind we have for you a Family Members Weekly Chore Schedule Template.

You can use this template to enlist chore schedule for every family member. This chore schedule is designed for all activities to perform in a week. In first column all task schedule is written which is from small chore to a big task. All family members name will be written in one column along with a small check box. The check box will be marked in case the chore assigned to a particular member has been performed. A complete week’s calendar has been added to highlight activities performed on a particular date. A member may be asked if job assigned to him/her is not done. So, you can hang this template to one place so that everyone marks it after the chore assigned is done. At the end of week an analysis can be made if something is missing or remained undone. To make sure everything goes smooth in a number of family members system this template is very helpful and a blessing.

Below we are adding a complete preview of this template that will help you understand it even better before you move on to save a copy of it. To do this a download link is given at the end of this page. It is simple one click download file that you can keep with you in no time.

Family Members Weekly Chore Schedule

Family Members Weekly Chore Schedule
Microsoft Excel document file | File size 58 KB – Download Weekly Chore Schedule