Budgeting is a good technique to keep a healthy balance between your income and expense. Everyone earns by struggling and working hard for certain hours. Irrespective to earning more or less, budgeting is one technique that everyone agrees to act upon. Saving a part of your income for future needs cannot be made unless you decide to live on certain amount. To limit your expenses by calculating each and every detail is a good idea to stay hassle free. Family budgeting is a need of every family. For the help of families in this regard we have here for you a Family Monthly Budget with Charts Template. This template assists families to prepare budget by keeping all record of income and expense details. This is very comprehensive monthly budget template from each corner. Here we will show different parts of it with detail summary of its working. A step by step guide is given how you can make best use of it.

Family Monthly Budget with Charts Template in detail

Sheet#1 Monthly Budget Report

First of all you will enter all of your expenses detail. The table shown in preview is already filled with some expense category details. Double click on any estimated or actual cost value and a new sheet pop up to enter new values. You can keep continue with the same one by changing numbers only. If not that case you can reproduce it with categories of your choice. Each category is further divided into sub categories. In the preview you can see categories Children & Entertainment has been further divided into its sub-categories. You will enter detail for each of these categories for its estimated and actual cost. The difference will be calculated by itself. This is how you can fill this entire table with complete expenses detail.

A slicer or chart has been used to describe all expense details. You can clearly see the charts are showing percentage of expense where most of your money is spending. Once you finished with entering all expense details in the table you will see this chart readily prepared for you to analyze your expenses.

Here you can see the overall budget review. Total income & expenses in actual and estimated amount is given.

Sheet#2 & Sheet#3 are given to enter data for different categories and expenses details. Instead of going directly onto sheet#1 you can enter all information of expenses in sheet #2 which is Monthly Expenses in detail.

family monthly budget with charts

Family Monthly Budget with Charts
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