Sharing is caring, they say. This sharing has a lot of meanings and shades. In the circle of life, there comes a lot of moments when one feels like sharing one’s joys with others not to boast off rather to only enjoy the vibes. Happiness means nothing if it’s bound in chains of loneliness. It rather acquires its true meanings when it’s let feel equal to people around. That is the only reason people like to greet each other on various occasions.

On occasions like New Year’s evening, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter everyone likes to break the silence, come out of their boxes to celebrate and greet each other. One of the archaic and traditional way of greeting is writing to them. To the new technology generation, it seems quite an old-fashioned thing to do. Young boys these days may even ridicule the idea of writing a greeting letter to your friend but the reality is this still works far more effective than anything else. Letters have been and still are the most influent and romantic way of expressing the feelings. Girls, even today, romanticize the idea of getting a letter from their beloveds.

Only after getting a letter on a special occasion for best wishes you could tell how good you felt. Greeting letters are instrumental in expressing to the receiver to what extent does he/she means to the sender.

Greeting letters usually start with the word ‘dear’ as initial. If the addressee is known the name would be written after the initial and if the name of the addressee is unknown then only ‘Dear receiver’ is sufficient. In the case of an acquaintance that you do not know for long enough or a mutual friend, the name is not used. In cases where the receiver is a close friend, the letter will start by ‘Dear XYZ’. The language in this letter to a close friend will be quite simple and informal.

Not only do friends send each other greeting letters but different companies also do a courtesy to greet their employees on different celebrations and occasions for what greeting letters are preferred. In some affairs only greeting letters would be the appropriate way of expression as in business side, greeting cards cannot be given to greet your employees or colleagues.

Following is given a sample letter that may help you write a good one for yours. Hope it helps!

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Greeting Letter Template


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