Working with others either at a job place or organization never goes smooth for there are people with a different mindset than yours. These people could not only have a positive and constructive frame of mind but destructive and negative too. Bullying, discrimination, contempt, and racism are the outcome of a mind that sees nothing but negativity. On the contrary, harmony and love are the ultimate outcomes of a positive mind. When these mindsets join together, real problems do create.

At the job place, be it a company or a hospital, elements like discrimination, bullying for racism and contempt is quite common. People from diverse strata of society work together and suffer together. The factor that is most affected by these poisonous attitudes is the quality of work. A good quality work cannot be done under the atmosphere of fear and hate.

Employees that encounter such behavior are rightful to write a grievance letter to their employers. Grievance letter is a narrative of the employee’s story of the unrighteous behavior faced. For instance, if a woman is being harassed because of her color by anyone she can complain this unjust conduct by writing a letter to her superiors. Often in high schools kids bully their fellows on so many things like a short boy would be bullied by tall boys and made fun of his height. These acts are not tolerable and should not be tolerated rather complain of. The procedure of submitting the complaint is to jot down the story and submit it to the authorities like principal or administration. Parents or the victim himself can write down this letter and move forward. Grievance letters cannot be ignored for this is a very effective and responsible way of protesting for your rights. Sexual harassment is also a very common bullying working women encounter almost everywhere be it moving on a road or a working environment.

The correct way of writing a grievance letter is pretty easy. In the first lines, the writer has to entrust the recipient of the very incidents that happen and make sure the reader is following his/her story. Choosing careful words is a grave responsibility in a grievance letter as a single inappropriate word could switch the whole story upside down. After sharing the reason of complaint, the writer has to let the employer know of the changes he/she wants in the collective environment. The most important thing in writing this letter is sticking to the point and not trying to hyperbole the incident that happened. Exaggeration only messes the scenario.

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