Remodeling or renovation is a need of every home. Renovation of a home can be needed for different reasons. By the time the things gets old and need some repairing. The things can be broken or tear apart. A family may shift from one home to another and want to renovate it. The cases may go with the family living for long time and need some refreshing environment inside home by renovating it. Whatever the reason may be an amount is needed for this purpose depend upon one’s renovation type and requirement. Home remodeling is a modern day term when families feel to keep changing their surrounding quite often. No one will refuse an idea of having a budget allocated for this purpose.

A home remodel budget template is a tool that let you make calculation and guide you for the upcoming home remodeling activity in a better way. You can estimate for the amount you have if that is sufficient for the purpose. This is an MS Excel file consists of number of sheets. We will guide you step by step to understand this template and make best use of it. Few snapshots are also added to highlight important features of the template.

Sheet#1 Dashboard

This dashboard sheet allows you to enter a particular project name such as “Bedroom Expansion” chosen here in the preview. You can enter project budget amount which will be an estimated amount depends upon your affordability or just estimation. At right corner COST INPUT and SETUP are links connecting to other two sheets which we are going to discuss below. You will also enter details of different home areas to remodel. For example: Bedroom, backyard or family room etc. For each of these you can choose different items such as carpet, bed set, dressing, electrical & cable networking is needed for a bedroom. Similarly for backyard and family room different items are needed which will be enlisted. Next to it are columns carrying estimated and actual amount needed for each item. At the end you will see grand total for each estimated and actual amount. This actual amount will be compared with your estimated project budget amount.

Sheet#2 Cost Input

This cost input sheet has details about all areas in a home to be remodeled. It can be bedroom, backyard or family room etc. Enlist all of these along with all items detail. Other columns are showing estimated and actual cost for each of these separately. At the end total is made for both estimated and actual amount.

Sheet#3 Setup

This setup sheet contains lists for each AREA, ROOMS and ITEMS. You can input all this information according to your requirement.

That’s it. We hope this Home Remodel Budget Template will assist you at the time you need it. Anyone using this template is expected to be little familiar with MS Excel. Suitable edition can be made also. You can fully customize this template as per your case. We hope you will like this template. In-case doesn’t forget to share this with your friends and family. We will feel our efforts being appreciated.

home remodel budget template

Home Remodel Budget Template
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