Every household is handled properly only if the every person of the family or people living together takes care of their work schedule. Many students live together; families and sometimes friends share the place. This means that every person needs to share the equal work duties each day. It is not ideal that only one person in the house does all the work while others just live in a place as if it is a hotel. This calls for the making of the chore list in which every person takes up the duty that they can handle more efficiently.

Different households, different set ups:

Where friends or colleagues are sharing the same place they usually assign days and chores to be done for that day such as it includes doing laundry, dishes or any other work they deem fit for the day. This way everyone’s schedule can be adjusted properly.

However, being a family and dividing house hold chores has an entirely different pattern. Lady of the house usually does the house work such as laundry, cleaning dishes etc. and sometimes the children also help them out. While being the man of the house means that you have to do mostly the work that needs taking trips outdoors.

This means work divisions are done according to the home set up and for this we help you by providing the household chore list template so that everyone gets to keep the record of the work that they are supposed to do and when.

household chore list template

Household Chore List
Microsoft Word document file | File size 30 KB – Download Household Chore List Template