IEP – Individualized Education Program – is for children who require special education. Such children usually suffer from certain mental disorders or learning disabilities. Parents or guardians can request the school to arrange a special IEP meeting session. Its purpose is to discuss the study plan for special children. In order to make a formal request, an application or letter is written to the school principal. This letter consists of a formal format and tone. The content is brief and to-the-point. It throws light on the requirement for the meeting and the child’s condition. No extra details need to be included.

Help can be taken from templates if you are writing such a letter for the first time. This is a sample letter requesting an IEP meeting for a child. This sample can be customized to fit your requirements. You can add personalized content relevant to your specific needs. In addition, specific names of the concerned individuals can be mentioned. The benefit of using such a sample is that you will be able to produce a perfect letter. It will fulfill all the requirements, such as a formal format.

This letter is important for your child’s special educational needs. It helps in informing the concerned school staff about your desire to hold a meeting session. You can request your child’s teachers, principal and other concerned staff to participate in the meeting. A specific date and time can also be requested according to your own schedule. Use this sample to write this important letter.


Individualized Education Program Meeting Letter

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