Injury Incident Report Form

Something happened in unusual way that harms physically is an injury incident. An incident report can be prepared to write details of an incident occurred. All hospitals and clinics usually provide this injury incident report form to write the details of injury. The main purpose of this report form is to know the exact details of the incident and preliminary information of physical injury. The witness is the proper person who can fill this form as he/she has seen the incident with his/her eyes.

injury incident report form

The report can be used at hospitals and in-case of lawsuit. The lawyer or police may need to have this report to present for the investigation of the case. In-case the patient is a criminal and got injured during some illegal activity being performed, the doctor will ask police department to hand over the injury incident report to him/her. The report really helps all those concerned departments to handle with all situations from physical injury to lawsuit. A well professionally prepared report is the key to success.

The printable injury incident report form is designed to help users to have a very professionally prepared report template. The Injury Incident report contains all required information to fill in. It allow user to fill in details related to an incident in detail. The report template is prepared using MS word that makes it very simple and easy to edit or customize. The fonts, color scheme and even input fields can be edit. It is very unique and user friendly template that is available to download for free. A sample preview is also given to have an idea of its appearance.

Injury Incident Report Template
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Hospital Incident Report Form

A hospital incident report form is usually filled by hospital authorities about an incident that took place within hospital. The incident may be an accident or hazard that is required to be reported officially. A sample hospital incident report form can be used to present as an official document. The form can be divided to fill in two parts: one about general information of the hospital whiles the other about detailed incident report information. The general information related to hospital could be Hospital name, Head or In-charge person of hospital’s name, complete address of the hospital, contact number, email and fax. The information related to person who is preparing this report form is mandatory. Complete name of the person who is preparing report with designation and signature is needed also to write in the report form.

hospital incident report form

The major part of the report form will be filled with complete incident report information. It may be entitled to have Report’s title, date of incident, Its duration and location, nature of incident, detailed description of incident, person’s activities at the time of incident, any witness of the incident with complete information, what is nature of injuries, any police complaint have been registered, does this incident damage hospital’s credibility and finally designation of the person with date and sign who is preparing this report form.

A sample of hospital incident report form template has been provided here to download and use. However, one may edit or print it later for one’s convenience. The given incident report form is designed and prepared by expert professionals. It has been designed using Microsoft Word. It has all options to edit or customize it. User can make suitable or necessary changes according to his/her requirement. The incident report template form is completely free to download by clicking on the link given below. The preview of the report form is also provided to have quick first look of it.



Hospital Incident Report Form
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Hotel Incident Report Form

A hotel incident report form is usually prepared to report the incident occurred in a hotel. The report form is good to fill in all the details about the incident to present it to concerned authorities. The form can be prepared by any individual or by the hotel management or staff. This report form in itself is a document that can be used in future in case of lawsuit.

hotel incident report form

The form can be filled in two parts including general information about the hotel and complete details of incident. General information may include writing name of hotel, name of the owner of the hotel, complete address, and contact number, name of the person who is preparing this report, complete address, contact number, designation, email and fax. Other details of the incident such as date of incident, time and location of incident, nature and causes of incident is something must to provide. One can add other information about person or persons involved in the incident, details and other necessary information of all these people and brief description of the incident etc.

It is good if any witness or number of witnesses is there. In case, all necessary information about them is needed to provide. Every incident left its good or bad effects. So, it is mandatory to write about after effects of the incident such as damage it cause, legal action has been taken or not? This information is useful for the concerned authorities to know about. At last declaration will be made to prove all information provided is correct and genuine. A sample printable hotel incident report form is attached with this. One can download it to use as it contains all above mentioned details. A preview of the form is provided to have its initial impression. However one can edit or print it as per one’s requirement.

Hotel Incident Report Form
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