Various types of data need to be collected from educational institutes for different research studies. However, the researchers require the permission of the school authorities. Upon approval, the school provides a letter of cooperation for data collection. This is a formal way of providing permission. This letter can then be shown to the concerned school staff as proof of the approval. In this way, the research can carry out his or her survey without interruption. This letter lays down certain conditions which the researcher must agree to. A sample of the letter can be downloaded from this website. It provides a ready-made format which is perfect for this formal document. This sample can be used as a reference to create a customized letter of cooperation with your own institute.

On the other hand, the sample can also be used as it is. However, it must be customized before being used. Any required additions can be made to the content. Similarly, irrelevant content should be removed. This sample is in the form of a simple MS Word document. Therefore, making modifications to the content is very easy. The school’s letterhead can also be added in the beginning. It is then followed by the date and the school’s address.

These modifications must be made to the sample before using it as a formal letter of cooperation for data collection. Once it has been finalized, proofread the letter before finally printing it. The concerned school authorities then sign the letter to provide their approval for data collection.


Letter of cooperation for data collection in schools

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