A mentor helps you prepare for the professional world. There can be various means of communication between you two. Writing a letter is a formal way approaching your mentor. You can explain your requirements through this letter. In addition, you can also mention the important dates, such as project deadlines. In this way, your mentor will have a written record. This is more useful than a telephone conversation since there is a chance of forgetting the details in the case of latter. However, you need to make sure that your letter is comprehensive. Your mentor might not have sufficient time to go through unnecessary details. Therefore, proper formatting is very important.

The content should be divided into small paragraphs to discuss separate points. Begin the letter by showing your gratitude towards your mentor who took out time for you. Next, start describing your project. Discuss clearly what help you require from your mentor. Do not forget to mention your deadline. It is very important for your mentor to know about your schedule. In this way, he or she can check his/her own schedule to adjust your project. In the end, you also need to provide your contact number and email address. Ask the mentor to contact you in case he/she is available to help you for your project. Maintain a friendly and respectful tone throughout the letter.

You can take help from the letter sample available on this website. This letter can be customized according to what your particular requirements are.


Letter to Mentor

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