A maintenance contract is written between two or more parties and it ensures that the specific thing will be maintained regularly. This contract supports many types of businesses. These contracts can help to assure a person that he has chosen a right person to perform the maintenance and he is doing his work well. This is done by the client when he adds the desired conditions in the contract. The contract becomes valid only if it has been signed by all the parties whose names have been added to the maintenance agreement.

You are required to make a maintenance agreement when you are needed to hire a contractor to perform the job of maintenance. It can also be used by the maintenance contractor when he is being hired by someone in order to perform the task of maintenance.

It is designed to write down all the responsibilities of the client and the contractor, the time frames under which the maintenance will be done, the fees and the expenses during the process of maintenance as well as the mode of payment and the dates on which the payment will be made. Adding all these factors in the maintenance contract protects the rights of both the contractor as well as the client of the project. The maintenance contract can also be regarded as the maintenance service agreement. It is very important to add all the details in the contract so that both parties can avoid any kind of conflict in the near future. This sample has been provided by www.nayagarh.nic.in.


Maintenance Contract sample

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