Monthly Sales & Record Sheets

The laws might change but your agreement and terms would remain same. In a society where implementation of business laws are fair or not, the use of sales log template is very useful. People might buy the product just because they have been influenced by the other party or any peer probably not because they need so. In such cases, a record is maintained that at what term the good was sold. This is usually practiced to avoid any discrepancy in future. A complete record of sales is maintained not to face any bad consequences. At the time of the agreement, a log can be followed up in which relevant details and rules number of the particular year are mentioned. After a while, in a time of need, the manager will look at once and see the terms he agreed upon in a certain year.

Monthly sales record log template is not only convenient to use but can be your life saver from many adverse outcomes. Without any requirement of special software simply download it and use it. According to needs of your organization, you can enjoy the advantage of complete customization of the log. It will become further easy for the use. The dealings and agreements will also be more effective. Even of the rule or any certain law changes, you would be less likely to effect as you exactly know what term has been decided in a particular for a specific product. Play safe, stay organized and live stress-free.

File: Microsoft Excel
No. of sheets= 3
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Given sales, record log comprises sales record for a complete month. You can enter details about different sales items. Any Item’s description along with its purchase prices and other entries such as online fees, PayPal fees, card and shipping fees, shipping charges can be added. The file is prepared using MS Excel so it makes much calculation by itself. Total profit or loss is calculated at the end and is well highlighted for the viewer. You can prominently see month’s name and the total profit or loss value in the leftmost columns.

Sheets are in ready to use format for all the months of the year. You can just switch between them to look sales record for different months.

At the end, a comprehensive Year to Date (YTD) summary has been given also. A complete summary is ready to analyze profit and loss report for the selected year.

monthly sales record log template

Download: Monthly Sales Record Log