The invoice is a thing of value for people belong to different categories involving in the process of exchange. The invoice serves all those people that are used to exchange on a regular basis. It is equally effective to one-time exchanger also. It serves the buyer as well as the seller or giver or the taker. It helps a seller in keeping track of the outbound cash and even of commodities. It can prove handy in the maintenance of stock or inventory. The invoice, on the other hand, is equally useful for the buyer as it can make it simpler for the buyer to keep track of its purchase. It acts is prove of purchase along with making it easy for the buyer to go for the claim and other things like warranties and guarantees.

The invoice is also useful in bookkeeping and the accountants are used to use this piece of work in notching things down in a professional manner. The invoice makes it fairly easy to sustain and maintain the records in a reasonable manner. The things become easier to tackle and manage with the use of this little document.

The sample invoice template is hereby presented just seeing the worth and value of this little document in everyday accounts management. The template is presented with all stuff in it for the composition of a better invoicing. It can prove handy in composing a versatile invoice that can be used in more than one process at the same time. The template is simply supplied with stuff that can assist you in the creation of a better invoice management.

The invoice template is considered to be a best budget-friendly solution for freelancers, consultants and service companies. Being a professional, you will definitely always wish to make a template that can give your business a professional look and does not cost your much effort and money.

Sales Invoice

Given sales invoice template includes information about the sending company. The name, complete business address, website, contact numbers are mentioned at the top of the invoice template. Then the complete name, business address, website, and contact numbers of the person to whom this invoice is being sent. Further to these details, all the details about the serial number, description of products and services, unit price, taxation information and the sum of amount are mentioned. All these templates are much famous all around but a sales invoice template made in MS Excel Software is considered to be most suitable for invoice making because it can easily be used and does not need much effort.

sales invoice template

File size 30 KB – Download Sales Invoice


Company Invoice

Many sites offer free downloadable templates that can be downloaded without any charges and can be edited to customize according to requirements. By downloading a readymade MS Excel designed invoice templates can save you a lot of time and money. These formats have enough space for entering all the types and details of services and products and you can easily fill it and sum it up with the prices easily.

Company invoice template

File size 30 KB – Download Company Invoice


Purchase Invoice

Purchase invoice template

File size 30 KB – Download Purchase Invoice


Service Invoice

Some of the professional companies have these services of having a specialty in invoice making. You can simply search for such companies who offer these services for professional use. Service invoice templates are available in different forms so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

service invoice template

File size 34 KB – Download Service Invoice



Unless and until the invoice template is having valid signatures, this document cannot be considered a proper invoice but considered just a duplicate bill that is prepared instead of preparing the original bill to be sent to the customer. This invoice is a professional invoice that can be easily used to fill out and to present the customer for getting paid. By just filling the given fields this template is ready to send. If you want to take more lines for description then make it sure that price and quantity are mentioned in the same row.

Shipping invoice template

File size 32 KB – Download Shipping invoice



Billing Statement Invoice

Billing statement invoice is commonly known to be a billing invoice and is said to be the best suitable invoicing method used by a number of professionals or businesses. This invoice template needs to be necessarily having regular or rigid format but also need to be very formal in nature. The template can be used in both ways, whether can be printed or can be hand written just according to the requirements of the user of this format. The invoice can be found in many petty shops where the shopkeepers want to evade the amount of tax. The template contains all the details about the items or goods and their rates that are purchased or sold. At different times, this template is used while rough estimate is given about the entire costing of any project where different items or materials are delivered.

Billing statement invoice

File size 38 KB – Download Billing Statement Invoice



Packing Slip Invoice

A packing slip invoice is popular because all the fields mentioned in this invoice are blank and any professional can fill it according to business needs. All the fields related to invoice number, date of invoice, order numbers, terms & conditions, company name, company address, state or province, zip/postal code, phone, fax and contact name are blank and just need to be filled.

The next part of this invoice consists of a serial number, details of product and services, quantity, unit price and amount. And all these details are compiled into subtotal and grand total and some space for comments is also there. Generally, there are a number of small businesses that are using these packing slip invoices for billing to their customers. Mostly this type of invoice is used in businesses of shipment or product delivery services where the invoice is served before & after the work is done.

Packing slip invoice

File size 30 KB – Download Packing Slip Invoice


Memo Invoice

A memo invoice is the compulsory and mandatory requirement of every business or professional who is involved in any kind of products or services business. Because whenever they make business transactions in shape of rendering services or selling some products, they then need to receive payment for their efforts. Although there are a number of different formats and templates being used for this purpose, but a memo invoice template is a need for everyone. However different professionals can modify this sample invoice according to their requirements. Since this invoice generally known as a credit memo invoice so it is a need for everyone because it covers only the basic fields that are necessary.

Memo invoice template

File size 30 KB – Download Memo Invoice