A personal sickness certificate is also referred to as a medical certificate. It acts as a proof of an individual’s inability to attend school or office on account of an illness. This certificate is often accompanied by an application for leave. It is particularly important in cases of serious ailments.

A student or employee might need to request for leave for a number of days on such occasions. In the case of students, this sickness certificate is also important if they miss exams or important tests at school due to illness. Similarly, it is also an important document for university students if they have missed important lectures. It also plays an important part if a student wishes to request for project deadline extensions owing to sickness.

This certificate is provided by hospitals. It is filled in and signed by a doctor. Its design and overall layout may vary slightly at different hospitals or clinics. However, the general pattern is usually the same. It consists of the basic information about the concerned person. This information includes his or her name, age, and gender. Specifications about the illness are also provided according to the diagnosis. There is a section for the doctor’s comments or advice. This is where the doctor prescribes a period of rest for the patient. Creating a sickness certificate is easy through a template. Very little customization is required. Only the hospital’s or clinic’s logo and name need to be added. All the basic contents are already available through a pre-formatted layout.



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