Persuasive letter as the word suggests is used to convince someone to make an action following what is in the letter. Convincing is the most difficult job a person could be given. You have to literally grab one out of their mental sphere to the situation you are trying to put him/her in. Quitting old ideas that you are comfortable in and adapting into new ones is not easy. Double the difficult task is to make someone does that and for doing so, persuasive letters are used.

If you are a parent of a grade-1 girl and think the school timing is too long for the winter season as the days grow shorter gradually, you will have to not only talk to the administration rather convince them of your proposal and suggest them a better option. Your duty does not stop only at suggestion rather at persuading that it is only your suggestion that is right.

In everyday life, if you are a student, employee, member of an organization or a political party you will have a lot of reasons coming through to disagree with. Disagreeing needs reasons and the reasons have to be logical and agreeable enough to raise your voice. In a political party, members that do not agree, with the new bill being passed out or in consideration to be passed out, have to not only point out the fallacies but to suggest the better ideas and to persuade the chairman committee to accept the suggestion. Employees are often put in the situations to disagree and suggest something better. Persuasive letters are the first thing the disagreeing individuals need to write after disagreements.

Though this letter seems pretty easy as talking but the truth of the matter is, it is not. Things needed to be kept in mind in while writing this a persuasive letter is sticking to the point, using appropriate words, lenient tone of putting your views, making your whole point stronger by valid and reliable examples and assuring the recipient time and again that your disagreement and suggestions are for the betterment of the cause only then the letter would be acceptable.

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