Pet adoption is the most common act all over the world, people love to have pets around them and for that purpose, and they have to adopt them. Before adoption, there needs to be a contract signed between both the parties to avoid any confusion or inconvenience regarding the ownership of the pet. The contract must contain a few details to make it a clear and genuine one. The requirements or the must contents are discussed as follows.

The contract is the best solution for getting all the provisions along with the terms and conditions mentioned in writings. The contract or agreement must start with the details or information of the adopter and the adoptee like name, address and contact details like phone number, fax, email address, state and ZIP code, etc.

Other than this information, the full detail of the pet being adopted should be mentioned clearly, for example, the name, gender, type, color vaccination details, etc. This is to make sure that the pet being adopted is the same one which was chosen by the adapter. Apart from that, the provisions must be clearly stated which is to be followed by adopting party whole heartedly. These provisions may have been discussed by both the parties prior to the contract and now these are just to be certain of it by putting it in writing.

At the end of the contract, both the parties must sign the contract and write the date on which the contract has been signed. Following is given a sample of pet adoption contract. This agreement has been found at pet adoption agreement.


Pet adoption contract