Whenever something is bought, hired or given in somebody’s care, it is documented. So is the case with pets. Being a busy person one might want to give his pet in someone else’s care so that it may get some quality time. There are several pet care services that are working within and outside, United States. These service providers, however, require the client to sign a contract before giving their pet in their care.

A pet care contract is a contract that assures safety and welfare not only for the pet, pet sitter but also for the client. It depends on the service providers as to what kind of terms and conditions do they want to make their contract on but usually, the pet care contracts contain the following details

  • Details about the client
  • Details of the pet that is to be given under care
  • Conditions in which the contract is supposed to be liable
  • Clear confession whether or not the pet has previously shown aggressive behavior
  • Confession by the client that the pet is vaccinated and in case the pet sitter gets a disease due to his pet, he will be supposed to pay for the medical charges
  • Pet sitter is allowed to dismiss the contract if he finds himself in danger
  • Payment for caretaking details
  • Alternatives that would be taken in case of sickness of pet sitter or his absence
  • Steps to be taken in case of emergency situations
  • Contract should be signed by the pet sitters as well as the client


pet care contract sample


As mentioned above, the details of a pet care contract vary from contractor to contractor. These were, however, some basic details that a pet care contract should have. Also, see the sample pet care contracts given above provided by www.suespetcare.ca