This lease contract happens when a person wants to purchase a restaurant usually with all the fixtures and fittings fixed but is unable to pay all the amount in one go. He can then opt for this lease contract and can pay the amount in form of rental payments and down payment. It is, however, advisable to contact any legal person while contracting with anyone, but one must know the basic requirements of the restaurant lease contract document.

The contract must contain the details of the lessee and the lessor; the details include full name, genuine addresses and the contact details. This information must be mentioned on the top of the document where it is the first thing to be seen as this is the most important piece of information. Other ‘must’ details include the lease term and information regarding the lease agreement like rentals and down payments. Particulars of the purchase price, option money, rent, maintenance amount and other numeric must be mentioned correctly in the contract.

This document must also contain the other required provisions and points which were discussed and agreed upon by both the parties before the contract was made. These provisions must be read thoroughly and then must be signed by both the parties and a date must be written down on which the contract was signed. This is to make it legal and binding. The contract makes it certain that the lessee and the lessor do not get away from the conditions discussed and agreed upon.

Following is a sample agreement to get help about restaurant lease agreement. In doing all legal contracts it is advisable to consult with your legal attorney as the given document just serves as a guide only.


Restaurant lease contract

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