If a person wishes to move in with someone else, or have to share a room with someone then this contract plays an important role in defining a few things. Things like who will do what and in what ratio the rent will be divided, etc. Many other provisions are added in this contract to avoid confusion, misunderstanding and unwanted argument in future. Know the difference between a lease contract and a roommate agreement. Both the parties must agree to sign a roommate contract. A worthy roommate agreement must include a few required clauses which are as follows.

Starting off with the details of both the roommates, like names, permanent address and contact details like phone number, fax, and email address, etc.  Provisions relating to rent and the share each of the roommates has to offer, who will write the rent cheque if the landlord accepts only one of it, space issues that who will occupy which bedrooms, division of household chores, along with the schedule, Food sharing and grocery responsibilities, decisions related to noise control and overnight guests stay should be added in the contract apart from details related to moving out. Other details like utility discussion, cable, security deposits and dispute resolution must be written in the contract too.

Any other provision that the parties deem fine must be added to make this contract viable. The parties involved must sign the contract after thoroughly reading the provisions and conditions. This is to make sure that they have understood all of the provisions. Source: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/

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