Running is one of the vigorous and effective exercises in the world. People having a daily routine of brisk walking and running are known to be much healthier than those who live static and inactive lifestyle. The average human weight is on the path of increasing. This increase is owed to a number of different factors including unhealthy eating habits, consumption of fast foods, lack of exercise and even a polluted environment.

Those people who want to avoid this trend of obesity or being over-weight need to have some sort of exercise in their daily routine. For those who have the time and place, running is one of the best forms of exercises. It nurtures and tones all of our body parts. When we run in a good outdoor atmosphere it also acts a refreshing and relaxing technique for our mental and emotional health.

Running log tracker template helps people to track their running activity. For those who are running to lose weight or achieve a specific health target need to follow a specific level of running. For this purpose the running log tracker template can be very useful drafted on an excel sheet it allows the input of data and construction of a chart for better visual understanding. The running log tracker also helps track distance, the speed and cumulative distance over a period of time like a month or a week. Thus any user will understand it easily and use it according to his or her needs and requirements.

Running log tracker template

Running Log Tracker
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