A school exit form is an important document. It is for students who shift from one educational institute to another during their school years. It is a vital part of this formal transition process. The form carries all the important information including the student’s personal details and reasons for shifting. Designing a school exit form can be time-consuming as well as complicated. This is because it consists of various sections which present all the information in a well-organized manner. The formatting for each section may be different according to the requirements. There are tables, check boxes, fill in the blanks, rows, and columns.

A pre-formatted sample form or template can be very useful for designing a school exit form. The template can be modified in order to introduce customized content. The length of the document can be adjusted according to the required content as well as the font size. However, there should be enough space for the information to be neatly organized. The template provided here can be used to make the designing easy for you.

Customize the sample in order to add your own logo and name for the concerned educational institute. The following sections can also be modified as per the requirements. An entirely new section can also be added. Alternatively, you can remove a section or certain questions if they do not fit your specific requirements. Any instructions can be added for the applicant for filling out the form. Once the school exit form is ready, it can be printed and used.


School Exit Form

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