A school principal can communicate with parents through newsletters, notices and letters. In order to discuss an urgently important matter, a notice can be sent to the concerned parents. However, if the matter concerns the parents of all the students, it is best to write a letter. Copies of the letter can then be printed and distributed among all the parents. The outbreak of a viral allergy is one of such important matters. It is the duty of the school principal to inform all the parents about such outbreaks before it affects all the children at the school.

The content of the letter focuses on providing information about the causes and symptoms of the allergy. It also contains advice about getting proper vaccination against it. In addition, parents whose children have already been affected are also addressed in the letter. They are strongly advised about keeping their children at home till they completely recover. This step is not only important for their fast recovery but also for the protection of other children at the school.

Overall, it is a short letter which discusses all the important points comprehensively. However, school principals might not have the time to write such a letter from scratch. This is because of their busy schedule. In this case, help can be taken from the letter sample available on this website. The sample can be modified in order to add customized content. This pre-formatted letter can be used to save time and effort. Copies of the letter can then be printed and signed by the principal.


School principal letter to parent about allergy

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