This speaker’s agreement is used by any company that provides quality speakers for any function or event, speakers that can give any motivational, emotional or funny speech after the event ends. It is a form of agreement that sets out details of the parties, event, fee, etc. and details that are specific to a particular engagement. A worthy speaker engagement contract must contain a few ‘must’ details that include the following information.

The contract must start with the genuine and authentic information of the speaker and then of the client. This contract is done to make sure that the decided conditions are understood well enough by both the parties and that they are ready to legally bind themselves to these conditions. Therefore, the summary of the event, a topic on which speech to be delivered, and venue must be mentioned properly. This information must be followed by time and period of the event and the starting and ending time should be mentioned appropriately.

Complete information of all the equipment and technologies that would be used at the venue must be stated properly. All the expenses that are to be borne by event management and the expenses that are to be borne by the speaker must be decided beforehand and are to be mentioned in the contract. Furthermore, speaker’s fee should be written on the face of contract as well. This is to ensure that the service receivers do not wander off their commitment. The contract must also contain the required provision of payment and mode of payment. This sample for speaker engagement contract has been provided by


Speaker Engagement Agreement

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