Several educational institutes as well as government organizations offer a fixed stipend to those who qualify for it. The purpose of this stipend is to provide financial assistance to individuals for education. This form is provided by the concerned organizations. It is then filled in by the applicant. The requirements can vary from one organization to another. The overall layout is generally the same. However, various sections may differ according to the required information. This difference also determines the total length of the form. It may be only one or two pages long. However, this length can be greater if a particular organization requires more in-depth information from the applicants.

The details of the form determine whether the applicant qualifies for the offered stipend or not.  Various organizations, therefore, design their own stipend application forms. This designing process can be made easier by using the sample available on this website. It consists of all the basic sections of a general stipend application form. Applicants can provide their personal information, educational details and contact information. Sections for any other additional information can also be added.

The form also contains space for important signatures. These signatures are required for both the approval as well as the rejection of the application. The formatting of the document should provide enough space for all the required information and details. You can avoid the trouble of complicated designing by using a pre-made stipend application form template. It is easy to customize it to introduce the necessary changes.


Stipend Application Form

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