A number of educational institutes have a strict admission criterion. They require a formal reference in order to check each candidate’s background and academic achievements. This is also important for verifying the information provided by candidates in their admission application forms. Therefore, the referee is contacted for the selected candidates. He or she is requested to fill a student admission referee information form.

This form contains all the details which help in verifying the concerned candidate’s background information. Its basic layout is simple. It consists of tables which need to be filled with the required information. In addition, there are different sections to provide comments and details about various aspects of the candidate’s educational background. This includes comments on his or her overall performance, motivation to achieve academic goals and other related details.

The information and comments provided in this form are used to evaluate the candidate’s eligibility for the applied study plan. The sample provided here can be used to get an idea about student admission referee information form. It can also be used as a template to create a form for your own institute. However, first you need to make a few changes in order to customize the form. For instance, begin by adding the name and logo of the concerned educational institute. The remaining sections can be used as they are or modified according to particular requirements.

This sample can help you create a perfect student admission referee information form in no time. The pre-formatted layout helps you in saving time and effort.


student admission referee information form

Admission Referee Form Template

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