Students are entitled to use laptops at educational institutes. However, this use is usually subject to certain conditions. Students may be allowed to avail the use of a laptop during school hours for assignments and projects. They may also request for permission to use the laptop at home to complete their assignments on time. The principal’s approval can provide them access to the laptop and various software programs. In addition, they can also use the internet for educational purposes. However, first this approval is required. It is sought in a formal way through an application.

Once the permission has been granted, the school provides a form which needs to be filled by the student. This form consists of the basic information about the student. It includes his or her name, registration number and grade. The purpose of use is also stated. In addition, the duration for which the student is allowed to use the laptop also needs to be mentioned. The form carry’s important signatures which are proof of the formal approval. All of this information is covered by a small section on the form. The rest of the form consists of instructions and conditions of use.

Parents must read the instructions and guide their children. They also need to supervise their children when they use the internet or any software program. By signing the form, the parents or guardians provide their formal acceptance for the conditions set by the school. This form can be downloaded from this website to be used whenever needed.


Form for student laptop use in school

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