A teacher may be requested for consultation outside the class. This consultation can be for an exam report, the current course schedule or any other academic purpose. In colleges and universities, a student-teacher consultation form has to be filled out in order to make a formal request. The concerned teacher can then approve the request and schedule a meeting.

It is a simple and short form. However, it is time-consuming to design the particular layout of this form. It consists of tables with rows and columns to organize the provided information. This website provides a sample of a perfect student-teacher consultation form. It can be used for the purpose of designing a customized form. It is easy to make the required modifications to the general layout of this sample. Alternatively it can also be used in its original format. However, it is necessary to add the name and logo of the concerned educational institute along with other particulars. It can then be printed and provided to students who need it. On the other hand, the form can also be generated after the consultation meeting. In this case, a section is provided to include the summary of the consultation.

The important points discussed in the meeting are provided. This type of student-teacher consultation form is important for the records maintained by an educational institute. A copy is also kept by the student and the concerned teacher for future reference. Therefore, it is an important form. It should be designed by using a proper format.


Student teacher consultation form

Student Teacher Consultation Form Template

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