Columbus Day Celebration Invitation Card

Columbus Day is an important day celebrated annually on the second Monday of the October in the remembrance of Christopher Columbus on 12th October, 1492. It is a controversial holiday, because when the European was settled in America, they ruin the history and the culture of the indigenous people. The […]

Chocolate Show Invitation Card

Chocolate shows often organized every year in the November, and in this month, the chefs of chocolates and pastries from all around the world assemble together at a chocolate festival in New York City. The event is organized at a 13,000 square foot area, and different confectioners and chefs are […]

Generic Event Invitation Card

Event Invitations Event invitation templates are a written form of request inviting people to come and attend a particular event which could be for various purposes including, personal (birthday parties, weddings), academic (school functions) or commercial (business events). If you’ve been given the task to make an event invitation and […]