Call Logs

A Telephone call log can help you in many ways It can be used publicly, at homes and other areas to keep an eye on the miscellaneous incoming and outgoing calls, their timings and their budget as well as it aids in the following manner:

  • You can check the cost spend on phone calls either it is a company call or an individual’s personal phone.
  • Observe the use of extensions. It will be very helpful in a multi- dimensional scenario
  • It will help to keep an eye that whether the important call is responded timely.
  • Where the telephone facility is being utilized or somebody is misusing it.

Telephone call logs are a resource to review the number of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. It can scan the incoming call destination, outgoing call destination, timings of the call. This is a crucial element in the effective business working where the cost of each and everything is recorded plus to check the misuse of any equipment or service within the premises. Call logs can help you track any violation, fraud or conspiracy if being planned inside the company.

For the facilitation of business task, various templates are available on-line which completely outlined the precise call log format. What you have to do is just filling in the required specification after downloading the log and your call log is ready to use. It enclosed all timings, destinations, and dates of call.

Telephone Call Log Template

Telephone Call Log
Microsoft Word document file | File size 87 KB – Download Telephone Call Log