Valentine’s Day, Celebration & Parties

The day of love and affection, celebrated every year on 14th February is the second most popular day after Christmas. Valentine’s Day has a murky history but one thing is very certain that this day is celebrated to give the tribute to the St .Valentine. According to Catholic Church there are three noted saints that were named Valentine and also that they all were assassinated. The Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since 1944 and there are many stories that circle around this. One thing is very sure that every story has an aspect of love that has become the spirit of this very day.


Celebration of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine day celebration invitation template
The legend says that this day is celebrated for paying respect to the St. Valentine such that he helped the young lovers oppressed by King Claudius in order to have strong and more concentrated soldiers. These soldiers were oppressed such that they were not allowed to marry at all. But St. Valentine helped them and got them married secretly. When his activities were discovered he was hanged. But the love he spread was of great power. And this is one of many reasons why this day is celebrated even today and all the couples gift chocolates and flowers and red is considered to be the color of this day. For all those who want to arrange the party for it would need to invite the loved ones and for that don’t forget to make use of Valentine’s Day celebration template that we have designed exclusively for you.

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